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Bad Credit Business Loans

Many small business owners don’t get their company off the ground because they just don’t have the working business loan approval to grow. The typical small business owner is constantly accumulating debt and their credit score can drop quickly as business financing requirements are often overwhelming during slow cash flow periods.

Once the debt and credit problems are there, people generally believe that no financial institution will give them a business loan. Granted, traditional financing options such as banks and prime lenders will not be an option, but we have an alternative.

How Business Loan Approval Group’s Bad Credit Business Loans Work

Business Loan Approval Group’s bad credit business loans allow small business owners to secure financing with bad credit. We only require that you own your own business for at least 3 months and you have monthly revenues of $2,500 or more if you accept credit cards, and $20,000 or more if you do not process credit cards.

Our lending program offers existing company owners unsecured business financing through our many business loan programs including a business cash advance, ACH business loan, and many other custom funding options.

One way we provide small business loans with bad credit is by exchanging a lump sum of cash in advance of future receivables as the company builds revenue with their new cash infusion. A small portion of the revenue will be set aside to pay off the loan as money comes into the business. There is no need for lengthy credit checks or impressive tax returns, the most important element you need is a company in business that is generating cash flow.

Apply online or call us and the entire process can be completed via email or fax.

If you are interested in how bad credit affects business loans you can read more about the topic here.

Why We Are a Leading Loan Source for Bad Credit Applicants

  • ‘A’ Rating With BBB For Fair Lending Practices
  • No Collateral Required on Business Loans
  • Flexible Repayment Structure
  • No Closing Fees or Application Costs
  • Various Bad Credit Financing Options
  • Funds Deposited In Your Bank Quickly



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Improving Your Credit Matters

Credit is dynamic and is something that should never be ignored. Even though there are bad credit business loans available, you should never stop improving your credit. It will not only lead to better rates and terms, but it will also make more lenders willing to provide funding for you as your business grows. You can find more information about small business owners building their credit here.

How Bad Credit Affects Your Business

A very common problem that many small businesses experience is that the owners do not provide the necessary budget to operate efficiently. This behavior leads to sub-par inventories, a lack of organization, and the resulting poor product and unsatisfied customer. A common reason for under-funding operating expenses is bad credit. Small business owners struggling with their credit history are often denied access to business loan approval and this results in a poorly operated business with a diminished chance at success.

Don’t let your business suffer from under-funding, apply for business loans with Business Loan Approval Group and turn your small business into the great company you know it can be. Apply today!

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