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To apply for a business loan for your company, you will need to start by filling out our application form or by giving us a call.

There are some minimum requirements to be considered for the loan and they are as follows:

  • Four months of business operations
  • Bank receipts
  • Accept credit cards as a form of payment
  • Minimum $5,000 revenue a month if you accept credit cards
  • Minimum $20,000 revenue a month if you do not

The entire application process can be completed in just a few minutes and will not pull you away from your duties.


Once your application is turned in, we will be able to establish the amount of your loan, the pay back terms, the type of loan you receive, and the repayment terms. Before the loan is approved, you will have the opportunity to review all of this information and either accept or reject it.

One of the benefits of our business loan approval process is that there are no hidden fees or fees to apply for the loan.


We make it easy for you to pay back your business loan and no matter the length it takes; you will pay back the same amount. We offer two convenient repayment options for you.

If you process credit cards, you can switch to our credit card processing and we will take a small percentage of all transactions until the amount of the loan is paid back. If you do not want to switch processors, we will setup an account with your current processor and accept a small percentage of the sales generated and apply it to your loan.

If you do not accept credit cards, then we will setup ACH payment withdrawals from your bank account.


Once your loan is paid back, we will no longer take a sales percentage or charge your bank account. You will also have the option to reapply for a loan or cash advance.

If you are interested in a business loan or cash advance for your small business, give us a call today to discuss your options.



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Step 3. The Pay Back Process

Paying back our business loans is simple. No matter what the length of the business loan is, you still pay back the same amount. There are 2 ways to pay off the business cash advance option. If you choose to switch credit card processors we simply set up the account so a small percentage of the generated sales is allotted to go towards your business loan payments. The second option is if you choose not to switch processors we set up a lockbox with your processor and the small percentage of the generated sales is deposited towards paying off the advance. If you don’t process credit cards we have unsecured business loans such as ACH loans or other small business loans where the payments are deducted through your bank account very similar to direct deposit. The most important note is that we have various types of funding programs and are very flexible in the pay back process.

Step 4: The Business Cash Advance or Unsecured Business Loan is Paid

Once the business financing is paid back you return to receiving the full amount of your sales revenue. The only difference is now your business has progressed and you experience the benefits of your investment. You also have the option to grow your business even more by renewing your business loan and the process is even easier. As long as your financial status has not changed you can simply contact our company either by phone or email and we can renew your funding, likely even receive more because of the established relationship. We take pride in providing our clients easy access to working capital in order to see their businesses develop into successful industry leaders.

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